Built in the late 15th century on the initiative of Friar Alonso de Burgos and one of the finest examples of the Hispano-Flemish style. Today it houses Spain’s National Museum of Sculpture, and the country’s most important collection of religious sculptures.

The elaborate façade features a wealth of figures ranging from soldiers to savages, saints and popes, presided over by the Catholic Monarchs among the branches of the Tree of Life, in an allegory created by the theological scholars that once lived here.

The building stands around two courtyards; the first separating the religious area to the left, with the chapel and the Convent of San Pablo; the school is situated to the right, arranged around a second square courtyard in the traditional style of such places of learning.

Historical Data

Civil engineering
University building
Predominant styles:
Historical Period:
Early modern period


Cadenas de San Gregorio 1 y 2. Valladolid. 47011 Valladolid.

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