Old jesuits school, with a baroque facade product of the restoration which took place in the mid 18th century, after a fire which destroyed the rest of the convent.

The former Mariano Quintanilla High School is located to the north of the section of the Aqueduct that runs along Almira Street.

It is built on the factories of the so-called Colegio de San Diego for orphaned children, built in the mid-18th century and has been used for cultural education ever since.

Its construction follows the initial project of 1880 signed by Joaquín Odriozola and Antonio Bermejo, and its construction style responds to the characteristic eclecticism of Spanish architecture from the last third of the 19th century.

The building is organized around an interior patio with a trapezoidal plan surrounded by a gallery and covered by a glass vault. The main façade, which is characterized by its uniformity and balance, presents a symmetrical arrangement with respect to a central axis on which rises a tower that houses the machinery of a clock. A plinth runs along the entire façade and an impost line, formed by a small cornice, separates the two floors.

This building preserves its original configuration and structural system, highlighting the garden delimited by an iron grille.

It is one of the oldest institutes in the country and notable students such as Marqués de Lozoya, or the philosopher María Zambrano (1904-91) have passed through its classrooms. In addition, he had among his teaching staff the poet Antonio Machado (1875-1939).

Its interior has been adapted to the teaching needs of each era, for which reason it has undergone numerous modifications, it maintains original elements such as the hall, the assembly hall, the noble room for teachers and the management office, which still has old furniture. The Aula Machado stands out, which largely recalls the old classrooms and preserves part of the library of some 2,500 volumes, made up of collections bequeathed from 1869.

Antiguo Instituto de Enseñanza Media «Mariano Quintanilla»
Antiguo Instituto de Enseñanza Media «Mariano Quintanilla»
Antiguo Instituto de Enseñanza Media «Mariano Quintanilla»
Antiguo Instituto de Enseñanza Media «Mariano Quintanilla»

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