Built by Gutierrez, a rich capitalist who put J. Ortiz de Urbina in charge of the project. The latter also sketched the plans. Built on two levels joined by a balustraded staircase and a tiled walkway. The first level is made up of holes for the windows with iron railings, separated by pilasters crowned with capitals decorated with different types of vegetation. These iron railings continue up to the second level, which contains apartments.

The roofs of the passage are independent of the rest of the building. The supporting structure is wooden apart from the roof of the central rotunda, which is made of iron and glass tiles. The ceilings are decorated with paintings by Salvador Seijas, stucco ornamentation and plant motifs. The entrance gates are grilles made in a different way and bear the dates of their construction, 1885/86 and the inscription 'Pasaje Gutiérrez'.

Historical Data

Civil engineering
Predominant styles:
Iron and Crystal architecture
Historical Period:
Late modern period


Une las callles Fray Luis de León y Castelar. Valladolid. 47002 Valladolid.

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