13th century. Consecrated in 1212, it was founded in the time of Alfonso IX and had abbatial dignity, although dependent on the cathedral chapter. Made in late Romanesque style.

Simple plant church with a single nave covered by XV armor. It is a small building, but pleasant in its proportions, it has a rectangular nave separated from the main chapel and covered by a half-barrel vault. Today, this building has been completely renovated.

The interior houses the recumbent figure of Abbot Franco de Ribera. In 1963, the walled image of the Most Holy Christ of the Holy Spirit was found by chance; at present the church is soothes of the Penitential Brotherhood of Stmo. Christ of the Holy Spirit, who goes out in procession on Fridays from Dolores.

Historical Data

Religious architecture
Predominant styles:
Historical Period:
Middle Ages


Espíritu Santo, 20. Zamora. 49002 Zamora.

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