It is a center of pilgrimage, pilgrimage and devotion dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Located between the towns of San Justo and Rábano de Sanabria, in Zamora.

The temple is magnificent, of considerable dimensions and constructive quality. Outside stands its bell tower, perched on the gable. It has a picturesque dome finish and a niche above the door occupied by a stone sculpture of the Queen of Heaven.

The name "Alcobilla" is believed to be a degeneration of "escubilla", given that in the surroundings of the hermitage there are many brooms (bushes with white or yellow flowers).

Legend has it that a shepherd who was plowing came across a beautiful figure of Santa María, under a broom. He picked it up and took it to the town to tell about his discovery, raising a temple in his honor in that place. It is said that a Roman city called Alcobilla Lliucencia was once located in this place. In fact, a stele with a solar wheel embedded in the old house of the santero is preserved.

The area where the hermitage is located is also of special interest because it conserves numerous specimens of centuries-old chestnut trees and even millennia-old in some cases.

La Alcobilla is located at a crossroads between the towns of San Justo, Coso, Barrio de Rábano and Rábano; and one of the most important pilgrimages in the entire region is held there. On September 8 and 9 this festival is celebrated, with the participation of the towns of San Justo, Barrio and Rábano, who raise their Virgins there (the one of the Assumption by San Justo, and the Pilgrim and the Rosary de Barrio and Rábano respectively) apart from their banners to honor the Virgin of the hermitage. Those two days are a traditional festival, to the rhythm of bagpipes and drums.

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Rábano de Sanabria (San Justo). 49358 Zamora.

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