It is one of the most important museums of the Spanish ecclesiastical heritage. Its objective is not only the conservation and exhibition of its funds, but it is also conceived as a cultural and ecclesial meeting place. Articulated around the cathedral cloister, its extensive collection allows a complete understanding of the entire Art History of the Legion Diocese.T

he imposing Chapter Staircase, made by Juan de Badajozel Mozo, serves as the starting point for a tour in which exceptional pieces are displayed. like the Mudejar Wardrobe or the Mozarabic Antiphonary. Along this itinerary, works by renowned artists such as Juan de Juni, Enrique de Arfeo Nicolás Francés coexist with representations of a more popular nature –but not for the least important–. This is the case, for example, of the set of images of the Mother of God that houses the Romanesque Room and that makes up one of the best repertoires of medieval sculpture in the country.


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