This Zamora museum boasts one of Spain’s finest ethnographic collections made up of a vast number of objects and utensils from everyday life, providing an insight into the traditions and customs of Castilla y León, such as farming tools, carts, looms, furniture and many others.

The collections cover the most characteristic and representative aspects of Castilla y León’s evolution over the centuries in both tangible and intangible terms. In addition, visitors can admire a large number of exhibits that reflect the customs and traditions of Western Europe in general, such as tools from various trades, relics and amulets, and many others corresponding to intangible traditions.

The museum was also created to provide a centre for the study and promotion of the scientific disciplines related to our ethnographical legacy, as well as an exhibition site where visitors can reflect on aspects such as community life and our ability to tackle the problems created by our environment. A museum that is far more than just an exhibition space and that will leave a lasting impact on visitors.


The museum is situated in the heart of Zamora’s historic district in a new building of almost 10,000 square metres, designed by the architect Roberto Valle González. It is built on seven floors, three of which are below street level. The exterior is clad with sandstone and aluminium sheeting, materials that enable the building to blend in with the solid walls that characterise this area.


C/ Sacramento, s/n. Zamora. 49004 Zamora.

Telephone: 980 531 708

Fax: 980 508 269



More information

Tourist Office of Zamora


Plaza Arias Gonzalo, 6. Zamora. 49001 Zamora.

Telephone: 980 533 694

Fax: 980 533 694



Tourist Office Regional of Zamora


Avda. Principe de Asturias, 1. Zamora. 49012 Zamora.

Telephone: 980 531 845



Opening hours

  • Tuesday to saturday: 10:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 20.00
  • Sunday: 10:00 – 14:00
  • Closed: monday
  • Closed in the afternoon: sunday


  • General: 3 €
  • Reduced: 1 €
  • Groups: 1 €

Remarks: Free: Tuesday to Thursday from 19-20 h. Sunday afternoon and 23 April, 18 May, 12 October and January 6.

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