«This is where I have more books, the complete set of glasses for depending on the distance, the most loving slippers.»

With these eloquent words, Antonio Pereira (1923-2009) presents his house on Avenida de la Facultad, popularly known in the city of León as Paseo de Papalaguinda. In order to publicize the figure and literary work of Antonio Pereira, the foundation that bears his name has carried out a remodeling of the house respecting the most emblematic spaces. The tour of its rooms combines testimonial value with a museum concept. The visitor will be able to contemplate a legacy as diverse as its polyhedral literary creation. A collection of representative works of art from the past half century, a large part of which have been the work of friends and colleagues, coexist in this space with personal objects, manuscripts and books of historical interest. Antonio Pereira was a renowned teacher in the short story genre who would never abandon poetry. The ingenuity, tenderness and humor with which he surrounds the portrait of everyday life and existence characterize a unique work, framed in the northwest of the peninsula.


Avda Facultad de Veterinaria 19, 3º. León. 24004 León.

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