The current museum is the result of the merger between the Provincial and Numantia museums. The former was set up in order to conserve the artistic and cultural heritage affected by the 19th century confiscation of church properties, whilst the latter was founded to exhibit the objects discovered during the archaeological excavations at the Numancia site.

Following extensive renovation work during the 1980s, the Numantia Museum now houses a wealth of exhibits providing a chronological insight into the province’s history, from the Palaeolithic Era to the Modern Age. One of the highlights is the section on the Celtiberians, which is divided into three major periods: early, mid and late.


The Numantia Museum is also responsible for several other buildings housing part of its collection: the Monastery of San Juan de Duero (medieval section); the Chapel of San Baudelio and the archaeological sites and museums of Numancia, Ambrona and Tiermes, the latter of which is considered a subsidiary of the main museum.


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