The funds of the museum are currently composed of two large collections of over 6.000 pieces, spanning from the late Middle Ages to the XX century. On the one hand, highlights a set of Spanish religious sculpture in polychrome wood between the XV and XVIII centuries, in which stand out pieces of the great masters of Castilla, as Alonso Berruguete, Juan de Juni or Gregorio Fernandez, to which have been added other sculptures from different schools and Spanish workshops.

Since 2011, the museum also houses another major collection, from the National Museum of Artistic Reproductions, considered one of the best in Europe and composed by pieces (sculptural and architectural replicas of different civilizations, periods and styles) providing us a complete overview of the evolution of European taste, of the ideals of museum tradition and of reproduction techniques. Furthermore, in addition to several examples of applied arts and furnishings, the museum also exhibits significant paintings by masters such as Pedro Berruguete, Rubens or Zurbaran.


House of the Sun and Church of San Benito el Viejo:

In 1599 these houses were acquired by the Count of Gondomar, who had his coat-of-arms set in the façade,[...]

Show moreHouse of the Sun and Church of San Benito el Viejo
Palace of Villena:

This palace has had several owners: in the 18th century it belonged to the wife of the Marquis of Vilena,[...]

Show morePalace of Villena
College of San Gregorio:

Built in the late 15th century on the initiative of Friar Alonso de Burgos and one of the finest examples[...]

Show moreCollege of San Gregorio


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