Millenary Avila lies protected by its rosary-shaped walls. The trio of Islamic, Hebrew and Christian cultures is the starting point for a journey through art and tradition. Its past, related to the Vettonne and other cultures, is present in the city's culture. The spirit of Santa Teresa de Jesus, the mystical writer, can still be felt through the streets, her presence caressing the façades of the historical buildings of this city, which are ancient yet modern, sober yet bold.

Proud of its perfect combination of old and new, the city of the river Adaja invites visitors to take a look inside the city from the tops of the crenellations that have protected the city walls for centuries. However, only some sections of the walls are prepared for visitors wishing to see the excellent views of the city from above.

It is exactly this stone ridge that has made the city internationally famous, attracting tourists from all over the world who have come to follow the trail of Santa Teresa and explore a millenary city at the dawn of the 21st century.