León reveals its hidden treasures: no fewer than 16 of the city’s landmarks seen from a very different perspective. Sites that are not hidden, yet which each have their own history, reality and legends waiting to be discovered. Countless events took place in the squares or within the walls that hold these magnificent monuments.

Historic figures such as Francisco de Quevedo or Antonio Gaudí once walked along the city streets, leaving behind a unique heritage. Sites such as Paseo de Papalaginda or the steps of the Plaza Mayor welcome tourists, eager to reveal their unique tales.

This route includes the following sites of interest: the Statue of Guzmán el Bueno, Botines House, the Castilla y León Museum of Contemporary Art (MUSAC), Plaza de San Marcelo, the steps of the Plaza Mayor, the Romantic Quarter, the Merino Pharmacy, the Royal Collegiate Church of San Isidoro, the Wet District, the Province of León History Archives, San Juan Gate, the Convent of San Marcos, the city walls, Calle de Matasiete, Avenida de Convivencia and Plaza del Grano.


León. 24001 León.