A considerable number of Modernist buildings sprang up in Zamora between the late 19th and early 20th centuries, earning the city a place on the European Modernist Route.

Distinctly bourgeoisie in style and characterised by their contrasting tones, curved lines and the animal and vegetable decoration, today these buildings form part of a fascinating route that includes theatres, public centres and private homes all designed in the Modernist style, many by the architect Francisco Ferriol. An interesting route that provides an insight into Modernism in Zamora.

This route includes the following sites of interest: the House of Gregorio Prada, the House of Crisanto Aguiar, the House of Mariano López, the House of Faustina Leirado, the House of Valentín Matilla, the House of Juan Gato, the Municipal Laboratory, Montero House, Tejedor House, the House of Norberto Macho, the House of Miguel Hervelia, the House of Fernando Rueda, the Flour Factory Door, the House of Valentín Guerra, the House of Félix Galarza, Zamora Casino, the House of Francisco Antón, the House of Martín de Horna and a house whose designer is unknown.