It is a new activity to enjoy nature, in which you will walk from tree to tree in complete safety, thanks to the use of our personal protective equipment and our continuous life line.

We are located in the Leonese town of Almanza.

We offer 4 circuits of varying difficulty composed of different challenges at different heights: Tibetan bridges, zip lines, balance logs, boarding nets, etc.

We also have as a star attraction, a zip line of more than 220 meters, the longest in the province, with which you will discharge all the accumulated adrenaline.


Carretera de Corcos, km 4.5. Almanza. León.

Teléfono: 657 140 522


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Opening hours

  • Every day: (Consult according to time of year.)


(Between 4 and 12 euros depending on the circuit and activity.)

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