Castilla y León boasts a long-standing bull-fighting tradition whose events and celebrations attract considerable interest from various parts of the world. The region is also home to numerous bull breeding farms that can be visited by aficionados and anyone interested in learning more about the popular culture surrounding the world of bulls.

The breeding of fighting bulls in Castilla y León is a means of protecting the natural environment and conserving this species. The grazing and pasture lands known as Campo Charro are renowned throughout Spain, forming one of the most characteristic landscapes of the province of Salamanca.

In 2014, bullfighting in Castilla y León was declared an intangible Asset of Cultural Interest, further proof of the importance the region plays in protecting and conserving the values surrounding the art of bullfighting. The region boasts museums, bullfighting schools and festivals, etc. that protect the cultural heritage surrounding the bulls and promote a tradition that dates back many centuries.

For the promotion and dissemination of Tauromaquia as a cultural heritage, the Portal de la Tauromaquia de Castilla y León has been launched to offer citizens dynamic and easily accessible information about the culture and intense bullfighting activity of the Community, as a starting point and approach to the richness of this reality link opens in a popup window