In the west of Zamora and Salamanca, where the Duero makes border with Portugal and it is boxed almost forming the deepest and extensive tubes - a hundred of kilometers of all Iberian Peninsula, is the region of "Los Arribes". A space natural privileged in that they emphasize the rustic beauty of his granítico landscape and a rich one and varied fauna and flora.

The relief of you arrive them it belongs to the dominion of the Paleozóico Socle and is constituted fundamentally by granites and granodioritas. Their more beautiful landscapes have been formed by the rivers Duero, Huebra and Uces. In the tube of this last one one of the most beautiful and spectacular cascades of all the Peninsula is located: the Well of the Smoke("Pozo de los Humos"), where the water falls from more than 200 meters of height.


Category: Natural Park (106,105 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Salamanca:
  • Ahigal de los Aceiteros,
  • Aldeadávila de la Ribera,
  • Almendra,
  • Barruecopardo,
  • Bermellar,
  • La Bouza,
  • Cabeza del Caballo,
  • Cerezal de Peñahorcada,
  • La Fregeneda,
  • Hinojosa de Duero,
  • Lumbrales,
  • Masueco,
  • Mieza,
  • Pereña de la Ribera,
  • La Peña,
  • Puerto Seguro,
  • Saldeana,
  • San Felices de los Gallegos,
  • Saucelle,
  • Sobradillo,
  • Trabanca,
  • Villarino de los Aires,
  • Vilvestre,
  • La Zarza de Pumareda
Municipalities in the province of Zamora:
  • Argañín,
  • Fariza,
  • Fermoselle,
  • Fonfría,
  • Gamones,
  • Moral de Sayago,
  • Moralina,
  • Pino del Oro,
  • Torregamones,
  • Villadepera,
  • Villalcampo,
  • Villar del Buey,
  • Villardiegua de la Ribera

Visitor Centre

Park House 'Convento de San Francisco'

Visitors will receive constant information about the nature park and the environment in general. A calendar of activities featuring all the local festivals and events as well as the map in the welcoming Visitors’ Corner will also help them plan their stay.

Address: C/ San Juan, 89. Fermoselle. 49220 Zamora.

Telephone: 980 614 021




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Park House 'El Torreón de Sobradillo'

The Sobradillo Visitor Centre invites travellers to venture into the unique world of this natural space, taking a journey that starts at the bottom of the canyons, climbing up to the peneplain, stopping at waterfalls, in ravines and on leafy slopes, before finally coming to the pasture and arable lands.

Address: Plaza del Castillo, 58. Sobradillo. 37246 Salamanca.

Telephone: 923 522 067




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Enviromental Areas

Birds of prey, most notably golden eagle, peregrine falcon and eagle owl. There are also many white storks and black storks. Amongst the mammals, the wolf stands out.
The deepest and most extensive granite canyons in the Iberian Peninsula.
Disperse clumps of Pyreneean oak, holm oak, hackberry and juniper. Endemic species.