In the Páramo de La Lora, between the provinces of Palencia and Burgos, we find a spectacular geological region of karstic origin, set in a landscape characterised by large hanging synclinals.

Some of the key features of this landscape include dolines, lapiaz, uvalas, abysses, caves and river resurgences. This last group includes the resurgence of Covalagua, which gives its name to the whole natural space.

Especially notable is the amazing subterranean caverns of the famous Cueva de los Franceses. The name "los franceses" (the French) is attributed to the people who died inside the caves during the Independence War against the French. The cave is illuminated artificially and visitors can see calcareous mounts, stalactite and stalagmite formations, wells, drains, columns,... and the caves have a surface area of 1000 sq. m., of which only 482 sq. m. can be visited.

Enviromental Areas

Deers, Roe deer and wild boars. Wolves often sighted.
Elevated calcareous surface, strongly eroded by phenomena of karstic origin.
Mixed beech, gall oak and broom woods, isolated yew trees.



Category: Natural Space (2,347 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Palencia:
  • Pomar de Valdivia