Situated in the southwestern part of the province of León, where the Sierra de Mina and the Sierra de la Cabrera come together. The lake is surrounded by a perfect glacial cirque which is in turn enclosed by high peaks (exceeding 2,000 metres in height), such as Peña Trevinca and Peña Surbia.

From a geological point of view, we must also highlight the enormous and well-preserved glacial moraine of limestone slabs ringing the lake, which is the source of one the most important tributaries of the river Sil: the river Cabrera.

Thea banks of the Lago de La Baña can be reached by walking from the small isolated village of La Baña, which contains an interesting collection of popular architecture.


Category: Natural Monument (796 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of León:
  • Encinedo

Enviromental Areas

Heathland with isolated clumps of Pyrenean oak, birch and holly woods.
Lake of glacial origin, set in a mountainous zone of great beauty and geomorphic interest.
Wolf, roe deer, wild boar, common partridge and mountain trout.