Lying in the south of the province of Ávila, this is a stunning natural landscape dotted with lagoons, gorges, cirques, crags, cliffs and moraine deposits that is also home to the Spanish ibex. In the Central mountain system, rises the Gredos mountain range, a vast granite mass shaped by glacial erosion separating the Duero and Tajo rivers. The most spectacular features include the Gredos Cirque and Grand Lagoon, with the slender Almanzor Peak towering above them at a height of 2,592, the highest point in the entire Central Mountain System.

Yet Gredos not only boasts a stunningly beautiful mountain landscape, it is also one of the most fascinating wildlife habitats to be found anywhere in western Europe.

Thanks to its geographical location, rugged relief and slopes facing various directions, the Gredos mountain range can be considered an authentic paradise for flora. A wealth of vegetation is to be found on the various layers that rise up to the alpine level, undoubtedly the most interesting of all as a large number of endemic botanical species have been found there.


Category: Regional Park (86,394 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Ávila:
  • El Arenal,
  • Arenas de San Pedro,
  • Bohoyo,
  • Candeleda,
  • La Carrera,
  • Cuevas del Valle,
  • Gil García,
  • Guisando,
  • El Hornillo,
  • Hoyos del Collado,
  • Hoyos del Espino,
  • Los Llanos de Tormes,
  • Mombeltrán,
  • Nava del Barco,
  • Navalonguilla,
  • Navalperal de Tormes,
  • Navarredonda de Gredos,
  • Navatejares,
  • Puerto Castilla,
  • San Esteban del Valle,
  • San Juan de Gredos
  • San Martín del Pimpollar,
  • Santiago del Tormes,
  • Solana de Ávila,
  • Tormellas,
  • Umbrías,
  • Villarejo del Valle,
  • Zapardiel de la Ribera

Visitor Centre

Park House 'Pinos Cimeros'

Activities at the Visitor's Corner include films offering an overview of the Park's key values. A camera positioned on the top of one of the peaks also allows visitors to admire the breathtaking panoramic views of the mountain range.

Address: Ctra. de la Plataforma, Km. 0,2. Hoyos del Espino. 05634 Ávila.

Telephone: 920 349 046



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Park House 'El Risquillo'

Here visitors can obtain information about the Regional Park and its attractions. There are interactive elements providing details of the species that inhabit the mountain ecosystems, and a camera enables visitors to observe the mountain goats and large birds of prey.

Address: Paraje 'El Risquillo' s/n. Guisando. 05417 Ávila.

Telephone: 920 374 055



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Enviromental Areas

Over 230 catalogued vertebrate species, among which stand out endemic species such as: Iberian barbel, marbled teal, the salamander of the Almanzor, and the toad of Gredos. The Spanish imperial eagle, the cinereous vulture, the black stork, the Iberian ibex and the European snow vole of Avila also settle here.
Impressive landscape shaped by glacial erosion in granite rocks of the Sistema Central. Lakes, cirques, gorges and the great Pico Almanzor.
Distributed in bioclimatic bands based on altitude, its main ecological value lies in the numerous endemic species of rock vegetation.