Route code
  • On foot
6.51 kms.
Ascent slope
870 m.
Difficulty of the route
From Plataforma Nogal del Barranco (1.100 m) to Refugio Antonio Victory (1.970 m)

Located in the Sierra de Gredos Regional Park. This path ascends through the gorge of the Pelayo River. The path begins at the Nogal del Barranco Platform, ascending a cobblestone path with several fountains.

Leaving the Pelayo River on the left you reach the base of the Galayos in the Apretura area, where the most important slope begins. Thanks to the Zetas route, crossing to the right of the river, you overcome this slope to reach the Victory Refuge. You can enjoy contemplating the surprising formations of El Cortalar de los Galayos or climbing to the top of these slender granite spiers.

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