Bakery and confectionery products are part of a food sector of great importance in Castilla y Leon, which includes companies of bread, pastry, confectionery and biscuits that supply with raw materials such as flour, milk, sugar, eggs or yeast produced the region. The wide typology of breads and pastries is nourished by tradition and many of the baking dishes are linked to certain holidays, such as Carnival, Easter, Christmas or patron saint festivities, while others are everyday.

In the Food and Agriculture Catalogue of Castilla y Leon are over 90 references between breads, pastries, cakes and sweets: Bollo Maimon of Salamanca, the Ciegas of Iscar (Valladolid), the Mantecados (sweet made from flour, almonds and lard) of Astorga (Leon), the Pastas of Portillo in Valladolid, the Ponche of Segovia, the Yemas of Avila... In relation to bread there is a great tradition, with references such as the Large Loaf of Leon, the lechuguino bread of Valladolid, and also some stuffed such as the Hornazo from Salamanca, which has its brand of quality.