• 10 egg yolks.
  • 250 gr of sugar.
  • Water.

Preparation method

Put the sugar with a few tablespoons of water (enough to dissolve the sugar and make the syrup) in a pot to the heat. Boil over medium heat. When it is boiling, add half a glass of water and make the syrup to the point of thread stage (when while dipping a spoon in it and letting the syrup drip, it becomes a long thread after a few drops). Remove from the heat and let cool a little.

When the syrup is warm (never hot) is mixed with the yolks gradually, stirring to get a very smooth mixture. In molds spread with syrup, put to boil to bain-marie, better in the oven, but always with the pudding made with egg yolk and syrup covered to keep out the water from the steam. If the moulds are small, they will cook in 25 to 30 minutes; if the molds are bigger it will take more time.

After this time, check the cooking poking it with a knitting needle which has to come out clean. Once slightly cooled, take them out of the molds and place them in small paper pans or in a platter. It is important the syrup is lukewarm before incorporating it to the yolks; if not, the egg could curdle quickly due to the sudden change of temperature.