The nursing lamb or lamb is one of the gastronomic signals of identity of all Castilla y Leon, and in Lerma is one of century-old grills in the region.

One of the great dishes of the area of the Arlanza is the Olla Poderida, more popularly called ‘Olla Podrida’, with beans, vegetables, and parts of the pig. In this area you will find a pantry of great quality, with the IGP (protected geographical indication) of Lamb of Castilla y Leon, and also part of this territory, especially the Sierra de la Demanda, provides an excellent beef. Fruits also stand out such as cherries, with guarantee mark; in legumes the beans of Belorado; in cured meats smoked ham of Salas de los Infantes, the black pudding rice and in dairy fresh and cured cheeses.


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