Carnival time in La Bañeza lasts for no fewer than 5 days; a celebration overflowing with colour, good cheer, music, costumes and parades.

Events get underway on Saturday following the proclamation and presentation of the Carnival Queen and her Muse. The ‘Noche de Chispas’ (‘Night of Sparks’) is a riot of original hats worn on the heads of those that aspire to be the ‘brightest spark’. The next day, the charanga music bands and giant-headed figures parade around the streets, before a fabulous show of light, sound and juggling tricks.

Monday is set aside for the ‘children’s carnival, with its own parade. When night falls it is time for a magical evening of music, masks, mystery and fun, filled with all the magic of the unknown and the sense of liberation that comes with fancy dress. The main parade is held on Tuesday, when groups and associations show off their magnificent costumes. Leading the way is the Muse’s float, followed by more than forty groups, who accompany the floats holding the Queen and her Ladies-in-Waiting, to the sound of the music that fills the city streets.

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