A feast day, a place where something very important is remembered: the struggle between the royalty and the people, between the Comuneros and royalty. An event which we can well say marked the history of Castilla y Leon. The feast is celebrated on 23 April, in honor of the battle that occurred on this date in 1521.

From 1520 to 1522 there were riots against the lords and district attorneys, the result of years of poverty after the death of Isabel and the arrival of Carlos I, coming from Flanders and not well-liked in lands of Castilla, did not alleviate. The imperial troops, in Villalar, were the death of the Comuneros and their leaders: Padilla, Juan Bravo and Maldonado. After this battle people surrendered to the Royal orders, but will always remember and be proud of the value of its inhabitants, who honor.

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