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On this route the River Arlanzón offers visitors a unique, waterside vision of how the city of Burgos has evolved and developed. A series of walks reveals an alternative perspective of the city.

The route starts at the Real Sitio de las Huelgas taking us across several of the city’s bridges that link Burgos’ historic quarter with the later districts that sprang up on the south side of the river in the area known as Vega. Not to be missed is a tour of the Museum of Human Evolution before coming to the final stop on this route, the Charterhouse of Miraflores situated upriver on the opposite bank in Fuentes Blancas Park.

This route includes the following sites of interest: the Monastery of Santa María Real de las Huelgas, Malatos Bridge, Paseo de la Isla Palace, Paseo de los Cubos, Santa María Bridge, Paseo del Espolón, San Pablo Bridge, the Museum of Human Evolution and the Charterhouse of Santa María de Miraflores.

What to see?

  • Cartuja de Santa Maria de MirafloresMore information

    15th century monastery erected by Isabel la Católica as a sepulchre for her parents, don Juan II of Castilla and doña Isabel of Portugal.Noticeable are the altarpiece and the sepulchres of the Kings and...

  • Palace of the Paseo de la IslaMore information

    It is a building of eclectic and historicist taste, dated at the end of the XIX century. The Palace del Paseo de la Isla is dominated by wall coverings of brick, then a polygonal cube as a tower topped...

  • Monastery Santa Maria Real de las HuelgasMore information

    Cistercian monastery from the 12th and 13th centuries, founded by King Alfonso VIII and his wife in 1188 for Cistercian nuns.Panteón Real (Royal Pantheon); buried in Gothic tombs are King Alfonso VIII...

  • Museum of the Human EvolutionMore information

    The Museum of Human Evolution houses the findings from the archaeological sites in the Atapuerca mountain range, a World Heritage Site, offering an insight into the mystery of the origins of man and evolution....

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