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In 2021, the Jacobean 2021 Holy Year will take place, with numerous activities and events associated with the Caminos de Santiago planned. We therefore invite you to find and create the best images of the Caminos a Santiago in Castilla y León.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León, through the Fundación Siglo para el Turismo y las Artes de Castilla y León, announces The Caminos de Santiago in Castilla y León - Jacobeo 2021 photography contest, with the aim of promoting and consolidating the contest as a promotional tool for the Jacobeo 2021 Holy Year.
The Caminos de Santiago in Castilla y León - Jacobeo 2021 photography contest is announced in 2021, in accordance with the following rules:

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The Contest will be international in nature and all authors who wish to participate, be they professionals or amateurs, residing in any country in the world, may participate. Members of the Jury and their family members, up to the second degree of consanguinity, are expressly excluded.

The theme of the photography contest is The Caminos de Santiago in Castilla y León, in all its facets and expressions: landscapes, monuments, pilgrims, towns and details. But in this case, unusual, close, surprising images and those that reflect pilgrims’ situations and moods will be given precedence.
The photographs entered into the contest must be taken on the Caminos de Santiago in Castilla y León, for example on:
• The French Way.
• The Silver Route.
• The Madrid Way.
• The Bayona Way.
• The Besaya Way.
• The Vadiniense Way.
• The Salvador Way.
• The Royal Winter Way.
• The Mozarabic-Sanabrés Way
• The Portuguese Way of the Silver Route.
• The Levante and Sureste Way.
• The Lana Way.
• The Forgotten Way.
• The Liébana Sahagún Way through the Picos de Europa mountain range.
• The Way of Saint James through Manzanal.

The works must conform to the following requirements:
• They must be unpublished works, meaning that they have not received prizes in other contests, nor been used on posters or any other advertising medium, nor been published in any graphic and/or digital media.
• The photographs presented must not include any title or watermarks on the image that identify the author.
• Each participant must compete with a series of THREE photographs that may be in colour or in black and white, and that must be united by their theme: the Camino de Santiago itself.
• The photographs presented may not be retouched and montages will not be accepted. Greyscale conversion and colour adjustments are allowed, provided they do not make any significant changes.
• Alterations in the levels of density, contrast, colour and/or saturation that modify the content or hide or eliminate backgrounds, objects or people will not be accepted.
• The author must provide written authorisation for the use of the image of people who appear in the foreground or appear in a way in which they are identified or identifiable, as well as the authorisation of parents or guardians in the case of minors. The express authorisation of persons who are identified or identifiable in the photographs is necessary for the use of their image for those purposes involved in participation in the contest (ANNEX II).

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Important notice: images that do not provide the written authorisation of the photographed people who are identified or identifiable will be excluded.
• Participants must present the series of three photographs exclusively in digital format (CD or USB memory) in two different folders:
- Folder that contains the three images in high resolution, with a minimum of 40 cm, on the shortest side, at 300 dpi in JPG or TIFF format.
- Folder containing the same series of images in low resolution, allowing quick viewing to take place.
The medium (CD or USB memory) containing the series of three photographs will go inside a closed envelope, on the outside of which only the slogan and/or title of the series and the photographs (if any) will appear.
Inside the envelope, in addition to the title of the series and of each photograph (if any), the town, area and route the images correspond to must be indicated, as well as the author's data: name and surname, address, contact telephone number, photocopy of DNI (on both sides), and an email address.

The works must be presented or sent to the headquarters of the Fundación Siglo para el Turismo y las Artes de Castilla y León in the Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes, Avda. Real Valladolid 2, 47015 Valladolid, in an envelope titled "Concurso de Fotografía Caminos a Santiago por Castilla y León. Jacobeo 2021".
The deadline for submitting the works will be between 5st May and 30th September 2021, both inclusive, and authors are responsible for postage costs.

The Fundación Siglo para el Turismo y las Artes de Castilla y León will appoint and preside over a Jury, which will include renowned photographers and representatives of some of Castilla y
León’s Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago. The secretary of the jury will be a member of Fundación Siglo para el Turismo y las Artes de Castilla y León.
The Jury's decision will be public and unappealable and will be announced in November 2021.
The jury may declare any of the awards void, if they deem this necessary based on the quality of the works.

The following awards are established:
• First prize - €1,500 and a certificate.
• Second prize - €1,000 and a certificate.
• Third prize - €500 and a certificate.
• Fourth prize - €250 and a certificate.
• Honourable mention - certificate.
In addition, the winners of the first two prizes will receive a stay for two people with bed and breakfast for two days in Castilla y León in a Posadas Reales accommodation. This stay will be redeemable until 31 December 2021.
No author may obtain more than one award.
All prizes will be subject to the corresponding annual withholding tax.
The awarded works and a selection of those not awarded, with the consent of their authors, will be exhibited during 2021 and 2022 and will form part of Junta de Castilla y León’s national and international tourism promotion.

The awards ceremony will be a public event, which the winners will be invited to, and will be accompanied by an exhibition of the awarded photographs at the Miguel Delibes Cultural Centre in Valladolid, headquarters of the Siglo Foundation.
The date of this awards ceremony will be communicated to the winners well in advance.

a) Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of these rules and the waiver of any claims. Any circumstance not foreseen in these points will also be resolved in an unappealable way by the Jury, having heard the criteria of the Siglo Foundation.
b) The moral rights over the presented photographs’ authorship will always be recognised as belonging to the author (participating photographer).
c) Regarding the usage rights of the awarded photographs and the selection of the non-awarded photographs for the Exhibition, the Siglo Foundation will possess all usage rights, including those of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, in a manner that is not exclusive, but without temporal or geographical limits. This includes the rights that allow the printing, reproduction and dissemination of photographs in any type of format (physical or digital) and on social networks.
d) The participating photographer will be fully responsible for being the sole author of the photographs presented, for owning the intellectual property over them and for attesting that there are no third party rights. Any claim on photographs submitted to the contest will be the sole responsibility of the participant.

After the awards ceremony, the methods in which the photographs were presented will be available to their authors at the headquarters of the Fundación Siglo, until 31 December 2021, and may be collected personally or by a duly authorised person.
After the aforementioned date has passed, anything not collected by its authors will be destroyed.
The Siglo Foundation will take the utmost care in the conservation and handling of the works presented, but will not be liable for possible losses, thefts or deterioration that the works may suffer for reasons beyond the organisation’s control.

In application of the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, personal data provided by the participants in this contest is provided for the purpose of managing The Caminos de Santiago in Castilla y León - Jacobeo 2021 Photography Contest, as well as for the use of images in any type of medium, format or social network through which Castilla y León’s Tourism and Culture is promoted. Likewise, you are informed that the data conservation period will be that which is strictly necessary for these purposes, except in the case of any legal or judicial requirements, and that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, portability, limitation or opposition to the person in charge of the processing: Fundación Siglo, para el Turismo y las Artes de Castilla y León at or at Avda. Real Valladolid, 2, 47015 Valladolid, Fax: 983 213 887.
Participation in this contest is subject to the authorisation of the processing of personal data provided for the purposes indicated and must be expressly stated in writing by filling in the corresponding form that will be available to participants (ANNEX I).

 Documento PDF AnnexI authorisation to process data and images (392.7 KB) (2 pages)