Castilla y Leon has a wide network of libraries with information services. Libraries are an open and free door to culture and knowledge and a neutral, multicultural, and open to all, free space.

The system of libraries of Castilla y Leon consists of centers and services of different types and features:

Castilla y Leon Library is the central library of the network. It preserves all that is published in the autonomous region and specializes in topics and authors of Castilla y Leon. Its resources and staff are at the service of the whole network.

In the provincial capitals, there is a Public Library serving the inhabitants of the city in which it is located and also coordinates other public libraries in the province.

There is a Municipal Public Library, competence of respective Councils, in the towns of more than 2,000 inhabitants. The Consejeria of culture and tourism is working with these through the provision of books and other materials, computer equipment and technical advice.

The smaller towns of the Castilla y Leon have access to library services of the autonomic network through library buses or mobile libraries, managed by the Diputaciones Provinciales in collaboration with the Consejeria of culture and tourism. Finally, also form part of the system other centers, services and library systems.