The fortified tower of the Castle of Pedraza holds the Zuloaga museum, set up by the heirs of the painter Ignacio Zuloaga. He acquired, in 1926, the Castle of Pedraza where, after restoring one of the towers installed his studio and painted landscapes and portraits of people of the village.

The museum shows ceramic works, paintings and drawings of Zuloaga, beside paintings of others artists, among them, a Christ by El Greco, a portrait of the countess of Baena made by Goya, and a flamenco still life of the XVII century.


Castle of Pedraza:

Poligonal ground plan, double enclosure, with cues and square turrets, plus an artificial moat excavated[...]

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Castillo de Pedraza. Pedraza. 40172 Segovia.

Telephone: 921 509 825 / 680 156 274


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