The fact that such bullfighting festivals have their roots in antiquity, possibly as far back as the 16th century, is a perfect excuse for the annual outpouring of energy that a lot of people who visit the festival bring to the town during such fairs. This particular one coincides with the fairs celebrated in honour of San Antolín.

The running of the bulls, which takes place on horseback and on foot, as well as in the countryside and in the very heart of the town, have come to embody the very essence of popular tradition in this town. In fact, there are numerous clubs of bullfighting enthusiasts and even an association that is in charge of organising the festivities. Each can last more than an hour in the countryside and approximately half an hour when brought to the town itself.

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General information:
National Tourist Interest
2 - 8 september


Medina del Campo. 47400 Valladolid.

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