The current house is not the original that existed in this same place at least since the XV century, nor its original name, which was the Casa de los Pueblos. The building was dedicated to the administration of lands and properties which the Comunidad de Tierra y Villa of Segovia owned. Institution of deep roots and influence in much of the current area of Segovia, which spreads its influence beyond the current limits of the province.

The building has been declared an asset of cultural interest with the category of Monument. The patrimonial interest of the Casa de la Tierra, is mainly centered on its historical interest as the traditional Headquarters of the Community of City and Land of Segovia, a use that has been maintained over time since its origins, but to this historical interest The unique value of the building as a Segovia palace is added, especially relevant for the mural painting on its facade and the sgraffito on the facade and interior, which make it unique in the City of Segovia.

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Early modern period


Pza. de la Tierra, s/n. Segovia. 40001 Segovia.

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