2000 year old Segovia defies time and carries its history into the future, a history that a myriad of tourists come to see and admire each day.

One of the most striking Roman treasures in Europe can be found here. This dual treasure consists of an amazingly preserved aqueduct, left by the Romans as a symbol of their greatness, fairytale castle, standing high up on the hilltop, the Alcázar, crowning the city, with the Río Eresma and Río Clamores (rivers).

Segovia's historic centre begins with the aqueduct leading us through its beautiful cobble streets surrounded by protective walls and fortified turrets.

The Roman aqueduct that is and will forever be a symbol of the city and Western culture. This 2000-year-old monument is one of the greatest pieces of work left by the Romans.

The city's well-preserved medieval structure was one of the arguments put forward in order to obtain the World Heritage title which it recieved in 1985.