High altitude limestone moorlands, hanging synclines separated by spectacular river canyons dominate a spectacular landscape that no one leaves indifferent.

These natural fortresses have served, throughout the human history, as a refuge and protection for many peoples and cultures.

Caves, limestone cliffs, ruiniform karstic landscapes and countless waterfalls coexist with small villages that have preserved the essence of the rural environment housing large treasures in the form of Romanesque churches, rock hermitages and well preserved popular architecture.


Statement date: 5/5/2017

Category: Geopark (95,076 ha.)

Location: Provinces of Burgos and Palencia. Autonomous Community of Castilla y León.

Municipalities in the province of Burgos:
  • Basconcillos del Tozo,
  • Humada,
  • Huérmeces,
  • Montorio,
  • Rebolledo de la Torre,
  • Sargentes de la Lora,
  • Sotresgudo,
  • Valle de Sedano,
  • Valle de Valdelucio,
  • Villadiego,
  • Úrbel del Castillo
Municipalities in the province of Palencia:
  • Aguilar de Campoo,
  • Alar del Rey,
  • Berzosilla,
  • Pomar de Valdivia,
  • Santibáñez de Ecla

Managers: ARGEOL (Asociación para la Reserva Geológica de Las Loras)

Address: Asociación Argeol, 34839 San Martín de Perapertú

E-mail: info.geoloras@gmail.com

Phone: +34 659 046 747

Visitor Centre

Las Loras Geopark Visitor Reception Center

The Las Loras Geopark Visitor Reception Center is located behind the Villadiego town hall and is a key point for visiting any area of the 'Las Loras' Geopark, which includes part of the provinces of Burgos and Palencia. A geological space of great diversity, with many secrets to discover.

The Center is an adapted building. It consists of two floors. The ground floor (which can be visited with a downloadable audio guide via QR) is dedicated to explaining what the UNESCO Geoparks are, and more specifically the Las Loras Geopark and its heritage values. Information on the territory and activities and other associated Geopark Centers is also provided. It also has information on other Geoparks in the world. On the ground floor there is also the Geolab to carry out different research tasks and workshops. The upper floor allows you to take an incredible journey through time through a guided tour that reveals the last 250 million years of the territory. Through geological explanations, fossils, rocks, models, spectacular images and other gadgets you will be able to move to the different geological landscapes and understand what they were like and also why we have the current landscape.

Address: Calle Diego Porcelos, 8. Villadiego. 09120 Burgos.

Telephone: 659 491 537

Email: turismo@villadiego.es

Website: http://villadiego.es/

Website: http://www.villadiego.es

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