The Parque Natural de las Hoces del río Duratón is situated to the northeast of Segovia, downstream from the town of Sepúlveda. In this area, the river has settled inside a deep canyon which in some places has over 100 metre drops. To the landscape's beauty and interest we must add the great archaeological and historic richness contained inside the gorge.

Up in the rocks presiding the gorge pairs of Griffon vultures have built their nests, accompanied by a large number of Egyptian vultures, golden eagles and peregrine falcons.

The area's natural value is also enhanced both historically and artistically by the Romanesque sanctuary of San Frutos, caves with paintings from the Bronze Era and the architectural collection of Sepúlveda.


Category: Natural Park (4,953 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Segovia:
  • Carrascal del Río,
  • Sebúlcor,
  • Sepúlveda

Visitor Centre

Park House 'Hoces del Río Duratón'

The reception area is located in the Visitor Centre. There is also a notice board with details of activities in the Centre, other initiatives and events in the region and information of interest for both visitors and local residents.

Address: C/ Conde de Sepúlveda, 34. Sepúlveda. 40300 Segovia.

Telephone: 921 540 322



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Enviromental Areas

A paradise for birds of prey, with Griffon vultures and Egyptian vultures. They coexist with peregrine falcons, buzzards and kestrels.
Extensive collection of gorges, canyons and cliffs excavated by the river Duratón out of Mesozoic limestone.
An area dominated by the incense juniper, rock clefts and slopes with rock-dwelling species and riverbank woods alongside the river.