In the most remote and inaccesible border lands of the province of Palencia, lies a spectacular, almost unknown, mountain range. Its peaks and crests, sculpted into the hard tight mountain limestone, rise over 2,500 metres and give form to a singular relief of fantastic needles, impressive precipices, proud cliffs and deep valleys.

Two important rivers have their sources in these mountains, the Carrión and the Pisuerga. The first of the two rises in steep heart of the mountains and its source - the lake of Fuentes Carrionas which gives its name to the whole county - is so isolated that it is even possible to find the footprints of several pairs of brown bears.

The river Pisuerga rises from the Fuente del Cobre - a gentler landscape, where beech and deciduous oak woods predominate.


Category: Natural Park (78,179 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Palencia:
  • Aguilar de Campoo,
  • Brañosera,
  • Castrejón de la Peña,
  • Cervera de Pisuerga,
  • Dehesa de Montejo,
  • La Pernía
  • Polentinos,
  • San Cebrián de Mudá,
  • Triollo,
  • Velilla del Río Carrión

Visitor Centre

Casa del Parque Natural Montaña Palentina

A monitor will welcome you and provide all the information you need. You will also be able to watch a video about the park and acquire publications and other types of information and souvenirs.

A calendar of activities featuring all the major festivals and events will help you plan your stay, and in the welcoming Visitors’ Corner you will be able to plan your route using the model of the entire park.

Address: C/ El Plantío. Cervera de Pisuerga. 34840 Palencia.

Telephone: 979 870 688 / 979 870 698 / 686 192 974



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Enviromental Areas

Brown bear, capercaillie, wolves, chamois, otters and common partridge.
Landscape sculpted into the hard and tight mountain limestone which has given rise to a fantastic collection of needles, cliffs and valleys.
Beech, oak, Pyrenean oak, and holm oak woods. The holm oak woods are the most northern in Europe.