Posada Real
tres estrellas

The Posada Real Casa de Tepa can be found in Astorga, the capital of La Maragatería. A unique civil construction dating back to the end of the 18th century and that, until recently, was the usual residence for the Count and Countess of Tepa. This stately home was used by Napoleon after the siege of Astorga during the War of Independence.

After careful restoration, during which the utmost was done to safeguard the historical and architectonic features of the building. The Posada Real Casa de Tepa is constructed on three floors and the aristocratic atmosphere that characterized this mansion during its golden age has once again been brought to life.


C/ Santiago, 2. Astorga. 24700 León.

Telephone: 987 603 299

Email: casadetepa@casadetepa.com

Website: http://www.casadetepa.com/


Total seats:
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Double room:
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  • Historic building,
  • Heating,
  • Credit cards accepted,
  • Hot water,
  • Nearby bus or public transport,
  • Area of tourist interest,
  • TV in room,
  • Telephone in rooms,
  • Telephone,
  • Quaint spot,
  • Meeting room,
  • Emergency lights,
  • Fire extinguishers,
  • Garage - Parking,
  • Garden - Terrace