El Burgo de Osma is set among a landscape of grassy plains, rocky outcrops, pastureland and hills, forming a typical Castilian mix of rocky mountains and gently rolling valleys. It is located between the Abión and Ucero rivers.

At the Gate of San Miguel, the entrance to the walled town, the River Ucero flows through a fertile plain, circling the hill on which the ancient settlement of Uxama once stood and watched over by the castle.

The square occupies the site of the primitive cathedral, where visitors can admire the traditional colonnades that characterize medieval market towns and their streets. The Gothic cathedral, originally intended as a Romanesque temple, houses a host of artistic treasures. The cultural wealth of this town lies in the Bishop’s Palace, the Roman wall, the traces of Renaissance architecture, such as the monumental tower, without forgetting the seminary and the Mudejar bullring. An outstanding Historic Site that should definitely not be missed.