To the north of the Burgos region of Las Merindades, in a magical enclave of valleys and mountains, rises the beautiful town of Espinosa de los Monteros.

This town, birthplace of the 'monteros' who guarded the royal rooms at night, maintains its mountain character and preserves a rich monumental heritage represented by emblazoned houses such as that of the Sainz de Baranda or that of the Santayana; palaces among which that of the Marquis of Chiloeches stands out, religious temples such as the church of Santa Cecilia, as well as numerous towers.

The spectacular nature that surrounds the town not only offers unforgettable landscapes but also multiple adventures through ancient paths and roads.

In the Pasiega gastronomy of the area, dairy products, beef and sausages cannot be missing.

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    • Espinosa de los Monteros town hall

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    • Espinosa de los Monteros tourism office

      • Postal address Espinosa de los Monteros. NaN. Burgos
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        947 143 863
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    • Burgos tourism office

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